Welcome to Pestrap Bolton



Our objective is to rid pests from domestic and commercial properties.
As soon as we are contacted we arrange to carry out a free survey of the property to assess the pest problem.
We then will advise you on whether food or furniture should be removed or if you we are required to block up any entry points the pests use.
We will also discuss when and where the problem originated from once the survey has been done.
We then use the best methods to prevent any reoccurring issues



Are normally dealt with early evening as they all return to their nests


Can sense new objects for several days i.e.: Traps/Bait stations


Can be dealt with immediately and nests destroyed


Can normally be taken by local beekeepers

We are also determined to stop any future problems by sealing holes, removing waste securely with a survey report and determining how many appointments may be required for large infestations
We are competitively priced!
Pestrap will always endeavour to carry out a reliable service and are always aware of any pets and children on every visit made
We hope our service is to your standard